Chabad is a philosophy and a movement. Rooted in ancient Jewish traditions and practice, we seek to bring beautiful warmth and joy to every person we may come in contact with.


ChaBaD is an acronym which stands for Chochma (inspiration), Bina (understanding) and Da'as (connection). While many hours can be spent discussing and delving into the meaning of those few words, the idea in a nutshell is the process of intellectually digesting deep Torah-concepts.

Ever heard of Kabbalah? That's the esoteric, mysterious part of the Torah. But 'esoteric' and 'mysterious' aren't nearly as relatable as 'delicious slice of pizza' and 'Superbowl'. That's where Chabad comes in (or as it's known as "Chabad Chassidus"). The teachings of Chabad bring those lofty ideas down into the human mind, making them accessible. 

The goal is to bring a fresh breath of life into one's relatively stale day-to-day routine. The result? Jews who are much happier, calmer, hopeful, and enjoy their Judaism more than they ever thought possible.

So what are you waiting for?

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